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Going on airplane for first time since my daughters surgery. It will be a year March 31st! How did that happen so fast !? Wow!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does she have to take it off can she wear it the whole time during flight !? Any concerns with the flying experience and cochlear implant !?

Thank you

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Flying with our CIs is a breeze.  I have flown many times.

Keep our processors on our head and just go through the screening like everyone else.

Keep spare processor and CI stuff in your carry on and make sure it is a carry on that will remain with you and not get tagged to go away from you at the gate.  I use my backpack.

Our CIs can stay on during the entire flight.

If you have a Roger System, Phonak states NOT to use the Roger System on an airplane. 

Enjoy your trip!  And happy almost one year to your daughter!

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Thank you ! I will definately be sure to keep all of accessories and spare in my pocketbook/carry-on. :)

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