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How to prevent loosing BTE?


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As a soon to be parent of a child with CI I am trying to plan ahead.

Most likely active children loose their CI BTEs quite often. What to do to prevent this and also to find it easier? I was thinking of RFID, BT tracking devices, like this guy:


But as written in the artice, there is actually no smart way of doing this. Im quite surprised none of the manufs actually implemented a solution with a proper tracking technology, not mechanical solutions like wires, etc.

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In my experience, most parents secure the processors to the very young children by either a headband, cap or tether.

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I host the link you refer to at Eresope. The article was written by a CI parent who gifted his blog material to Eresope when he closed his blog.

Since the time that article was written, Cochlear has made their N7 implant trackable through Apple phones and iPads. I've been meaning to write about it, but haven't yet.

I hope that helps :)


Eresope Author



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