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Activation Date !!


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Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd update you all regarding my CI process as I've not posted for a while.

I'm all healed up and back at work now. Work have been very good although I've had to explain that things won't get better till I'm 'switched on' !! Most people couldn't get over how small the scar was, my surgeon did an excellent job.

The only thing that was bothering me following the op was the popping in my implanted ear which I wasn't expecting (although it was only a mild irritation). This seems to have stopped now which the medical people said it would. The date has now come through for my activation so getting really excited as well as a bit nervous. The activation appointment seems to be over two days so I can iron out any initial issues the following day. I don't expect a miracle, especially at first so I'm gonna try and remember the 3 P's !!!

Anyway I'll let you know how I get on in couple of weeks.

Cheers Eddie

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Oh, Eddie, I am so happy for you that your surgery and post-operative recovery have gone so well!!!

When is your activation date?

Mine was over 2 days too.  Get ready for some of the strangest sound experiences you've ever had on that initial activation!


My activation was almost 2 months ago now and I'm just so pleased that I did this.  Things sound 100% normal and have for weeks now.  Can't wait to hear about your activation experience.




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  • 4 months later...

Hi Eddie! So, a little over 4 months now since your activation, I'm curious to hear more about how you are doing with it??


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