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Rehab tips

Mary Beth

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Recently I was asked to describe what I feel are the most important rehab tips to help us get the most out of our CIs.  I’m sharing them here in case they help anyone and I hope you will all add your most important rehab tips here as well.


-It is important to meet with success so if the task is too difficult at the moment, move down to something easier.  Our brains learn best from repeated success.

-Shorter, frequent training sessions are best.

-Focus on your own progress.  It doesn’t matter how fast you progress compared to others.  It just matters that you are progressing.

-Keep it fun.

-Train for exactly what you are trying to improve. If you want to improve listening in noise, train listening in noise.  If you want to improve hearing through your processor mics at a longer distance, train using your processor mics at a longer distance.

-Keep a listening journal and record your journey.  Go back and read it from time to time.

-Celebrate your WOW moments.  

-Remember that each CI journey is unique.  Embrace your own journey.

-Be kind to yourself.  It is okay to feel frustrated at times.  

-Treat yourself to a break from training as needed.

-Invite your loved ones to help you train using their voices.  

-Trust your own instincts.

-Ask for help or suggestions.  

-Share your own ideas with others.

-Keep looking for things to improve upon.  Learning to hear with a CI is an on-going process.



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