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Hello from Central Texas!


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Hi, I just had my first CI surgery last Thursday in Dallas, TX.  So far so good. I was born deaf but was able to function as a hard of hearing person most of my life with help of my hearing aid. But the last 20  years, my ear has gotten progressively worse year after year.  Thus the reason for having the CI surgery done on my ear.  

Was able to take off headband and ear cover yesterday. Feels so much better without the headband and ear cover. Today I removed the band-aid that covered the incision behind my ear and took a nice warm shower this morning. Tapering off the pain meds and hope to only need ibuprofen by tomorrow night.

Saw my incision in the back of my ear, using the mirror and taking a photo shot of it. The stitches are longer than I thought it would be. So the back of my head is still sensitive, still has tingles along the side and my ear is numb. But I know the stitches will be fine as it is in the crease between my head and ear.  However, my ear sticks out a little further than usual, but I was told that is usual and after a few weeks, the swelling and the ear will move back to the normal position. Keeping fingers crossed.

Am reading through the Med-EL Candidate Booklet and “Getting Connected” brochure. Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the terminology used in the materials, the different accessories available for he Sonnet and not sure how all of this works. So much to learn and to process. 

I also, signed up for Med-EL’s Hands on Hearing workshop that I just learned will be held in August in DFW area. Hopefully, this workshop will give me a better understanding of all the accessories and how to make better use my new Cochlear Implant. 

In a week, I will be activated and look forward to this visit. So just wanted to say am glad to join this forum. I want to help new candidates as the others bloggers have helped me get ready for my surgery. 

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