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CI failure symptoms?


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Hi everyone, 

So its been about 2 months since switch on, and my hearing is still about the same as in the first few weeks. 

I'm not sure, maybe I've reached the peak already, but will have to go for my first mapping end of this month.

I am paranoid and have anxiety and honestly the CI is really scaring me because:

1) Sometimes it feels like my hearing has decreased. I'm not sure if it's my imagination or if it is really getting weaker.
2) Occassionaly, I hear some popping/cackling sounds. It's not long but maybe tic tic, twice and its gone. (Is my implant failing?) 
3) When I stream music directly to my single-unit processor, again, im not sure if its my imagination, but sometimes my ear/head (idk the exact spot) feels kindy achy. Like an aching pain, but it isn't pain. I don't really know how to describe it. 
4) I find myself asking people to repeat more (but not as often as pre-implant) coz i miss out/what I hear sounds muffled occassionaly. 

So yeah, any idea if its me or my implant that's not working? haha. 

Also, where do yall guys get your powerone batteries from? It's expensive here in Sg, and I have to order from Amazon. I'm not sure if its reliable, but it costs around 40USD for 10 packs. Does anyone have reliable sources with international shipping?

Thanks :)

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