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TV Listening Device


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Are there any recommendations for television listening devices or systems for use with the Med El Opus II?  I would like to amplify the sound without having the volume too loud for others in the room.

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You have a couple of options that come to mind right off the bat. I use an FM system or you can use a loop system. I will attach a few ALD (assistive listening devices) options for you.



Induction Loop:

Used in churches, arenas, classrooms, home theaters, etc.

This is a large-area telecoil
loop system used in large
venues and even in the home.
Position yourself anywhere
within the "looped" listening
area and use the built-in telecoil
on your audio processor.


Used in churches, arenas, classrooms, home theaters, etc.

An audio source is transmitted to a receiver via infrared signals, radio frequency, etc. Depending on the system, you will either need to use headphones, a telecoil accessory (such as a neckloop or silhouette), an audio cable, or a wireless ear-level receiver.

This setup is commonly applies to FM systems, which are useful in a variety of situations such as a classroom lecture, in a restaurant or a sales meeting.

Larger FM systems are often
used in theaters, places of
worship, museums, public
meeting places, corporate conference rooms and
convention centers.

Personal Audio Device:

MP3 players, portable game systems, digital eBooks, etc.

Several options are available
to connect devices like an iPod
or portable game system.
A telecoil accessory or audio
cable can be directly connected
to the audio device, or a wireless connection can be used with
an ear-level receiver.


Using the built-in telecoil feature.

A telecoil accessory
with a built-in microphone
works well with most phones.
You can also use the
built-in telecoil on your
processor directly with a
telecoil-compatible phone.

Bluetooth Device:

Using with phones or BlueTooth-enabled entertainment devices.

Bluetooth is a low-power, short range technology that wirelessly connects cell phones (or MP3 devices, PDAs, computers, etc.) to a compatible receiver. Some receivers can be connected directly to the audio processor and others are used with a headset or telecoil accessory.
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I was told yesterday that i can get an FM receiver that would attach to my Opus.  You would have to get a transmitter  You would then have to attach the Opus receiver whenever you want to watch tv.  My guess is that the coil would be more convienient.  I have had great success with a Phonak transmitter sending to my HA ear. However, my audiologist suggested that in another few weeks I won't need it.  Hope so.

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I have an FM system from PHONAK. The steps to attach the transmitter to the tv i really di not want to bother with so i just wore it around my neck. It still picked up the tv enough to make a difference. My chair is about 9 feet away.

What i like about the FM system is that if i am in a crowd. I can hold the transmitter reporter style or the person i am speaking to can wear it around their neck. It picks up the persons voice sends it to the recievers plugged into the the processor and it sounds like the person is 3 inches from your era talking.

I spoke at a hearing health expo that my hospital put on. i synced my receiver with the first speakers transmitter that she wore around her neck.

She was about 30 feet from me and I heard every single word as if she was sitting right next to me.


i think the loop system is a pretty cool concept because you can put it around your favorite chair in the living room, or you can set it up in a large auditorium. i hae not had the chance to try it out but it looks like a pretty cool concept.


I have just in the last year or so started experimenting with the ALD stuff because my audi and surgeon really wanted me to work on training the brain before looking into any type of assistive tech.

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  • 4 months later...

I know this is an older thread, But as an FM user with my HA's prior to CI, I can't emphasize enough, how simply brilliant FM is, especially for speech in noise etc. FM kit for use out in the wide world is quite expensive for transmitters such as Phonak Smartlink, but then again they are multi function devices. (FM is better than Bluetooth for sound/vision, as there are no delays - I found that I experienced some 'lip-sync' issues when using bluetooth for audio with TV)

For anybody who wants to experience FM 'on the cheap' as it were, here is an ideal budget solution for watching TV, or listening to any sound source in the home wirelessly.



Basic FM transmitter, such as the type available to use with an Ipod or Smartphone, so that you can pick it up on an FM radio. These usually come with a 3.5mm stereo jack to go into the headphone socket of your playback device - A point to note: If you plug into most device headphone sockets, this disables their onboard speakers, so no good if you are watching TV with hearing people. To get over this, you may need an RCA/Scart to Mini Jack lead, which lets the transmitter connect to the TV or Sat/Digibox device's audio outputs, and leaves the TV speakers active.

Rechargeable transmitter + RCA adaptor lead New off Ebay approx $20


FM receiver, and here we are talking cheap chinese media player with radio function or small FM radio with heaphone socket.( you can even use your mobile phone as the receiver, if it has FM radio function (and the neat thing is, if a call comes in, it will over-ride the radio function!) How you connect the receiver to your hearing device is upto you - basic neckloop with Telecoil active, or ear hook, or direct cable connection to processor (I'm only unilateral implanted so use direct cable connection, or neckloop. With the neckloop the wire acts as the aerial for my media player, and gives better reception/range. I clip the player to the loop for ease of carrying, and obviously it doesn't pull on my Opus2/ear, so is comfortable).

Small FM protable radio with earphone socket New Off Ebay approx $12

Most of you will have a direct connection cable for your processor already, and if you prefer neck loop, the basic ones are available for Approx $20.


You have ultimate control over the volume, because you can adjust it at the receiver, or your processor.

It works, and has a realistic range of around 10m, but if the only bit you need to buy is the transmitter and lead for $20, then compared to a Phonak FM receiver and FM tv transmitter, which cost $600+, it well worth doing the exercise to experience the benefits, and you can fine tune the harware to suit you and your budget, later.


If you refer to Adam's post from 13/11/2013, he has enclosed diagramatics showing the 'receiver' end options. ie using a phone or MP3 player as the receiver, with neck loop or cable or earhooks.


If anybody is interested, and wants further information on the transmitter and it's connection, I'll post some pictures and links, for my setup.

From an Eco point of view (NO Batteries), my transmitter is USB powered, so when not in use, I use the USB to charge the receiver, for the next time I use it!




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Just an observation...

Additional to my previous 'FM TV listening' post, Just been watching TV  Bimodal, using FM to boost what I hear with my HA, whilst listening on microphone with my CI Opus2, to the tv speakers.

I found it really good, as it got rid of some of the disparity, an I was better able to balance the hearing by uping the volume on the FM receiver, rather than having to run the HA at full volume and getting distortion.



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This is really good information but I don't understand one word of it.

Some day I'll have to look into it...  and maybe then I'll join the 21st century and actually get a TV or a cell phone.

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