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Balancing Act

Mary Beth

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CI users vary greatly on how much additional tech they use in their daily lives.

 Some CI users prefer to train their brain to rely on the processor input only.  They may learn to use phones by holding the phones over their mics.  They may train speech understanding in noise so they hear better in noise.  They may practice listening to the TV without streaming devices or captions/subtitles.


Some CI users embrace tech that makes it easier for them to hear and use that tech consistently.  They may stream phone calls through Artone BT neckloop or Roger transmitter (Roger Select/Roger Pen).  They may use remote mics or table mics in noisy places or at meetings.  They may stream audio from the TV via Artone BT neckloop, telecoil loop or Roger transmitter.


Some CI users use tech to help them hear better early in their CI journey and then no longer use the tech.


There is no correct way to hear the best with our CIs.  We are all unique and we find what works best in our lives.


How much additional tech do you use in your daily life?

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Use a neck loop to connect to my landline, cell phone, laptop and tablet.  I find that the MT setting works best.  With the M setting I tend to talk to loud.  Have tried the phone w/o a neck loop but get tired of trying to position it over the processor mics.  Do not really like talking on the phone anyway.  

I have both the Airtone Max and Quattro neck loops and prefer the Quattro because of the sound quality and the ability for it to connect to 2 Bluetooth devices.  I use it for work.  But with the Airtone you forget it is there since it is so light.  In the long run both work well just depends on the situation.

General conversations and meetings I get along fine without technology other than the CI except where noted.

I have used captioning (Captel, Webcaptel and several phone apps) but have gotten away from them.  As my CI hearing improved my need for them decreased.  The only time I use captions is with the TV and that is when the sound quality is poor.

To hear conversations in the car from the back or passenger seat I use a remote mic.

Have a wired neck loop I use for Skype & GoToMeetings.  But generally try to stay away from wired connections as I forget they are hooked up and end up walking off without disconnecting or they will get caught on the kitchen cabinet handles.  Not good for the hardware.

I use technology when needed and it works well for me in the right circumstances.  My problem is keeping everything charged, fresh batteries, and making sure to push the correct buttons so everything is connected!

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