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I received an email earlier this week and thought I'd pass it along to HearPeers friends. I have always found support dealing with hearing loss with HLAA and then with HearPeers as I advanced into the world of CIs.

I started the HLAA-Miami chapter because I wanted to meet other people locally who also live with hearing loss, and now with CIs as many of us progressed. 

I knew that I enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship with others living in this world of HAs and CIs 

This article explains it well, from family and friends and now colleagues in the world of hearing loss, we all desire relationship needs to provide us with one of the following:

  • Emotional Support – You need to be assured that you have people in your corner. 
  • Tangible Support – Are people you can call on for help on things like financial assistance, babysitting the kids so you can watch a movie, or going with you to the dentist or doctor.
  • Appraisal Support – The people who love you enough to give you constructive and honest feedback about yourself. 
  • Informational Support – Your AuD, ENT or other professional, but also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups.
  • Companionship Support – Activity friends who makes us feel socially accepted. Also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups.

    Here is the full article

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I am thankful for my HearPeers friends!

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