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Hi..want some boost/advice/opinion on CI


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.....just joined and happy that i did...there r so many like 'me' here.....I m indeed not alone..Have a 6week old baby girl with bilat. SNHL f profound degree............want to know when would be best for CI and want to hear from parents who have gone the road with their babies.....thanks

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Hi Zoe :)


No, believe it or not but - you are not alone and, what is more important - you never will be. :)


Welcome in the name of all members of this community old and new who are accrue here each day. We are very diverse group of people with both kind of hearing losses: conductive or perceptive sharing our common inner-self feeling, fears but also our joys.

Being individuals with years and decades of experience in this field we are willing to help as much as it is possible.


Personally, I am an ENT resident interested in otology/audiology field but also the Bonebridge recipient for my bilateral conductive hearing loss.

Your child has different kind of HL but what is the most important for her development is - enough sound amplification.

Regarding your question, it is difficult question if we take into account different policies around the Globe. But the above mentioned thought is the most important - you should choose your audiology/ENT professional and see what they say regarding your child audiogram. You didn't state what is the degree of the hearing loss of your child - in the mean time of possible CI implantation she should get any kind of sound amplification if it is possible regarding her hearing capabilities.


Stop here babbling... My more experienced CI buddies will add their 2 cents here...:)

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