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Sport headband for CI and BB/VSB

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I have just got into my FB BSS server:



Excellent idea, still do not the efficiency of the solution but knowing the Med-El...


Hoping we'll get something similar for CI kids recipient. :)


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Chuckie, since it has been colder, I wear a liner in my helmet so I wouldn't be able to wear the headband as the helmet would no longer fit. Plus I can't wear my RONDOs and wear a helmet.   I was thinking that Adam should try it first, or he could get Lori to make this: http://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fsiskobymieke.blogspot.be%2F2013%2F11%2Fhaarbandjes-en-een-tutorial-voor-een.html

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My son's headband just came by FedEx yesterday. He is 11 and we ordered a size small. I think they all come in black. He plays basketball this season and we're excited see see how well he'll like it. He typically wears the Opus 2s during sports, but he prefers wearing the Rondos if possible. I'll keep you guys posted!

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