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Karen fudge

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Just been In touch with my hospital dealing with my Insurance prior to surgery .


Now they tell me that I have true facility fee, the dr’s fee and anesthesiologists fee as well to pay along with m my out of pocket deductible.. 

Is this correct ?


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In the year I was implanted I had to pay....

my annual deductible 

20% of approved charges until I reached my maximum out of pocket

After that, everything was covered in full.

I chose to use a CI center that was in network.  That was important.  My surgeon, the hospital, my audiologist....are all in network.

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I had to pay only 20% which came to 325.00 for everything with the surgery and activation in July 

the mapping are also included

the extra covers that I ordered came to only 15.00

thank goodness for insurance

so I will order extra things for the rondo2 and just pay 20%



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