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Everything sounds tinny


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I'm hoping some of the experts can help me. I go for my next mapping next week and I am having some difficulty with the way I am hearing. Everything sounds tinny and like I'm in an echo chamber. I think it is because I live alone and don't talk on a daily basis with people. I've been keeping the tv on, listening to audio books and music too but when I'm talking with people the sound is very high pitched. My audiologist said during the last mapping it will take me longer to adjust as I've never heard high pitches and have a low tolerance to them plus loud sounds. Do you think it would be wise to do one program, as an experiment, at the optimum level, to see if it is tolerable? Or would it be better to reduce the high pitched sounds? I do understand what people say, but still rely heavily on my lip reading skills. My audiologist says that for me that will always be the case. Thanks for any help you can provide. Guess I'm just a little frustrated.

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keep cool, thats an normal process. When I got my BB, all sounds like in a town-hall, lot of echoes, unnatural sound.


I's getting better, time after time. But my tip, do not so much fittings and mappings !



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Sandy, I had similar process where sound was boomy.  Audi wanted to keep it there and after time (6 months)when I was testing so well, she was OK with toning it down.  They leave some things in so you will get more clarity at the beginning.  It doesn't mean it sounds the most pleasant.  Some things you get used to & others you don't.  Keep a journal to see where you've gone & when you have different programs it will be easier to give precise feedback to the programmer.

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