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Bonebridge and Amade


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Anybody having trouble with the sound of the Amade. Audiologist cannot find the right profile for my Amade. I have the device now for over 2 and a half months and still no good sound. At 70db the sound gets distorted and it is impossible to have a conversation. And when there's more sound it gets worse. I am a musician so the sound of my piano and guitars sounds like falling rain on a metal roof! I was a BAHA user and the sound of my Ponto Pro was way better than the device I use now.


Would.love to hear some experiences of other BoneBridge users.

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How're your settings ?

Same problem here. If it gets loud, the understanding of human speech will getting wore, processor is clipping and screaming.

Yesterday, I fixed lot of my problems with the distortions :  Pull down the slider for MPO (Maximum Power Out) to -6dB. Try to reduce your compression settings.


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Hi Robby,


Nope, I have one program just for the music and it is perfect. I have tested it on several devices: loudspeakers and live performances.

I had distortion at certain frequency and it was cleared mostly at my last fitting. Now, only minor distortion.

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