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My name is Shana, i have bilateral, post lingual hearing loss and i have worn hearing aids since my teens. My foster son, Lu, is 3 years old (we have had him since 8 days old) and we are finalizing his adoption next month. Bizarre as it may seem, we just found out this year (through ABR test) that Lu has profound hearing loss in his right ear and mod-severe in his left! He was born substance exposed and was in nicu his first week of life. We don't know when thw hearing loss occurred since he is prelingual

I have never considered CI's for myself bc of financial reasons, and have been able to hear "okay" with ha's. But Lu was prelingual when his hearing loss came to our attention, so we are very concerned for his speech development and possibly missing the "hearing window". 

I will start another topic regarding CI's and what we've been told he is/is not eligible for.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome @Mama2Lu!  Wishing Lu the very best.  CIs are quite amazing.  They have restored so much hearing to my life.

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