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I had my three year review at Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC) the other day. I was amazed and eternally thankful once again for this facility to be located twenty minutes from my home and wish others in the world had access to places like this.

My "new" audi said I hadn't done word recognition for a while so it would be a good idea to do it for comparison. We did a little tweaking of the channels and then it was into the booth. I have never liked the word testing as it was the one I performed worst in. During the testing I though to myself that I was hearing the words a bit better and when I got my score I was pleasantly surprised. I went from 42% to 54%. She said most CI recipients are around 40% so it was good to hear I am above average as I always suspected. Cool

We didn't do sentences as I have scored 100% for the last few times.

How have others done after a few years implanted?

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Hi Matt and congratulations. I've only been implanted for 9 months so haven't had much testing. I sure wish my audiologist was closer. For me it's a 3 day trip every three months. I was tested with my audiologist holding paper in front of her mouth so I couldn't lip read. She did specific topics and just said words. I scored over 90% but when she did random words (and my friend said they were hard words), I didn't understand them. I got frustrated. Patience and practice for me during the next 3 months. I am encouraged though. I went for lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago and as we were leaving she commented that I didn't ask her to repeat hersel once. BIG SMILE!

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