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Bilateral CI's: pros/cons?


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I'm considering having my other ear done this summer.

I know I'll hear better with it but I'm curious to hear from those of you who use 2 CI's: what are some of the cons?


Do you have MORE tinnitus?

Do you find it a pain that you can't really lie back on the couch without them falling off?

Do you feel frightened being COMPLETELY deaf when they are off?

Was your second surgery easier or harder than the first?

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Lisa,  your body will produce enough calcium to get two implants done this year!


My tinnitus is gone, all I get a little white noise when I take both processors off.


Nope to either the RONDII or the OPII. I must state, for the record, that the RONDII are normally on DaCapo power, but even so... the OPII are not normally worn in the house as they are currently configured for BabyBTE/ActiveWear  usage.

I enjoy being deaf, knowing that I can pop either processor back on. Vacuuming, chainsaw usage, yard work are enjoyable again.

Second surgery was much easier as I had a different anesthesia, No hangover, no dizziness, but I was hungry.


Go, Lisa, go and get ear two done, please.

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Thanks John; I really think I'm heading that way.  It's amazing how my 'bad' ear has become my great ear but I still can't understand folks in a group setting or if I'm not looking and they're on my left side, etc, so I think having TWO good ears would help me in a lot of situations... enough to be worth a few sacrifices.

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