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Hearing Implant Mobile App for M.I.T. 21W.789


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For M.I.T. 21W.789 the goal is to develop a novel mobile application based on real-world experience of hearing implant users.

Med-El's easyguide app is a nice app but was developed by Med-El and is not based on real-world experiences of hearing implant users.

The domain of interest I have chosen is obviously hearing implants (I am a MED-EL Opus 2 user since 2010).

Since the domain of hearing implants is large, I would like to focus initially on how hearing implant users communicate information with others.


The course is project based and guides students through creating a novel mobile application - from generative research to design, usability, implementation and field evaluation.

I am currently at the generative research stage where I am required to do a 1 week field study of the domain and develop research questions and conduct a study, this is where you hopefully and thankfully come in.

As part of the study I need at least 5-10 hearing implant users to answer the research questions.

If you would like to participate please reply to this email or send an email to psrb191316@gmail.com and I will answer any questions.

If you think additional questions should be added to the research or would like me to also focus on other areas beside communcations please let me know.


A YouTube video by Professors Bentley and Barrett describe the course and goals much better than I do.


The video can be seen at:


Thank you.

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I have sent an email but am also very curious as to your end result. Would you please post more of what you expect.  thanks



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Hearing implant? You mean - cochlear implant users?

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Hi. I apologize for not responding to John and Ivana's request sooner. I have been updating the questions based on reviews by classmates and now have a set I am comfortable with.



The study is not limited to cochlear implants. I currently don't have any research questions specifically mentioning cochlear implants so bonebridge users should feel welcome.


If you or anyone else would like to answers the question please send me an email. I will need replies to the questions by 7/22/2014.



I would be happy to post more of what I expect.


Once I receive your replies to the research questions, I will do an affinity analysis to find patterns in your replies, and will do higher level groupings of the patterns and hopefully will find design ideas for a mobile app.

After the affinity analysis is completed and evaluated and reviewed by classmates, I will submit a research proposal of the design ideas(s) I would like to implement in a prototype mobile application.

Once the proposal is approved I will begin development of the prototype.

The prototype once it is up and running will be field-tested with hearing implant users.

Based on the results of the field test, revisions will be made to the prototype.

I should stress that since this is for a course, only a limited capability will be in the prototype.

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