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Implant In a tv show


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If you guys are watching the latest episode of Person of Interest you'd see one of the lead characters got a CI in 2 minutes without general anaesthesia! Lol

The ignorance they propagate on TV!


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Hi Jay,..


ALthough I do not think that they have thought at something particularly, there are some clinical studies where CIs have been implanted under local anesthesia. Hope this trend will not become popular but during these times of cutting health-care costs - we might testify to this policy. :(

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Yeah, feel the pain, baby!


(I think I'll tell my surgeon at my pre-op visit that I'd like the 2-minute, no-anesthesia option this time; let's see what he says)

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CRAZY!!!!  I can't imagine what that would be like. I had both ears done at the same time.  I was in LALA Land.  Quite uncomfortable after the surgery.  Was black and blue all around both eyes.  Wish I'd taken pictures.  And of course I had the Princess Lea look going on.  LOL!

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