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Telecoil of the RONDO


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Hello everyone, I was implanted in October 2013 in Hannover, Germany and received my OPUS and RONDO in December 2013. I only wear the RONDO because it's so much more comfortabel to wear.


Only today I discovered that there might be a problem with the telecoil. I have a (cheap) hearing loop from GN Resound that Med-El gave me for free. It's ot very comfortable because it's not wireless but I never used something like this before so I thought I'd give it a try. The sound quality is okay BUT very very quiet, I have to hold the loop up to my RONDO to be able to hear anything at all. At first I thought this might be due to the rather low quality of the loop but then I had the idea to test it with the OPUS. To my surprise it works very well when I wear the loop just arond me neck, I don't need to hold it to the sound processor.


So, here's my question: Is this normal?? Or are you able to use the telecoil mode with just wearing a hearing loop around your neck? Maybe my RONDO has a defect? Or is it the neck loop? I have this one: http://www.gnresound-ald.se/NeckLoops/Neck%20Loop,%202-channel%2080cm%20Manual%20En%20Da%20Ne%20No%20Sv%202010-09.pdf

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Most probably it is the loop setup - the more basic loops, like you have, are generally OK if you have the source item's volume set quite high, so that more power is put into the loop, thus creating a bigger inductance field, which is how the loop works.

The inductance field generated is not linear in proportion to the sound input level, and from experience, sometimes you get nothing through the loop at say less than  1/3 volume setting on the source device, or at best a very weak signal, with poor range (that is why the sound was quieter with the Rondo being further away from your loop.)

Try the loop again, with your source volume set louder to give a bigger loop inductance field, as you can adjust the volume of your processor down to your required level, if required.

Alternatively, to define if it is your Rondo that has a problem, then go to a bank or post office, which has a professionally installed and calibrated loop system, try it with both your Rondo, and then your Opus.

To make sure you compare correctly, both processors should be set to default levels by your remote control.

Sadly I can't compare, as I only have an Opus2. My implant was funded through the UK National Health Service, and despite getting both an Opus2 and a Rondeo (free issue) from Med-El, they will only give me one processor, which is the Opus2, because it has more wearing configurations.


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