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Hi all! I'm scheduled to have the surgery and I'm a little worried I might not be the right kind of candidate since I may be too active? 

I'm a kiteboarder who likes to jump pretty high and sometimes I don't stick the landing and smack the water pretty hard.  Would that cause the implant to not work ? The Dr mentioned impact causing the implant to no longer work.  I'm a little worried about what would happen if I smack the water hard accidentally after the surgery. 

Thoughts?  I am super active and was at an indoor adventure park over the weekend and smacked my head on a soft obstacle in something similar to the TV show "wipe out" out "Total knockout". 
I'm starting to worry with my lifestyle I might not be the best candidate? Or maybe these impacts aren't hard enough to worry? 
I do have a couple emails out to the Drs .
thank you in advance for any feedback! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 


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Welcome to HearPeers Becky.

It’s great that you are checking with your surgeon.  Hope all works out great for you.  I love my CIs!

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