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Father of a CI user


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Hi my name is Jerome, my son who is 7yo today has been using a CI since before his first birthday.

He got 1 medel opus2 and 1 sonnet at the moment, we'll replace the opus2 this year.

We live in paris france.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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He is doing great now, a couple of years ago it was a nightmare he was very angry and unsecure. We were helped for that and now he is just so cute...

He had 2 Opus2 before and he doesn't really feel the difference with the sonnet. Well maybe he is too young.

My son learn french in a specialised school he couldn't manage a classic school he needed to be in a smaller group, he also learn french signs language. At home he was able to learn some mandarin with his grand ma and he is doing surprisingly well.

Last year we tried to give him piano lessons, he likes it and can now play a few elementary songs.

This year we added english lessons. Since we have familly in NY he wanted to learn so he could communicate better with his cousin.

English is more challenging. Because he is hearring far less english than french or mandarin.

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I am glad your son is doing so well!  That is terrific!  And it is great to have more parents in HearPeers.

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