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Pain post-op


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Hi everyone,

I had a bonebridge implanted on the 12th Feb and have just started (3 days ago) getting a stabbing pain behind and on top of the left ear (my implanted side) I’ve been taking regular Panadol and Celecobix along with Endep (2.5mg) The dr has also upped my regular dose of Gabapentin from 300mg to 400mg. All of this has not been making an impact on the pain. I was admitted back into the hospital on Sunday as I had a allergic reaction to the pain meds I had been discharged with (Buprenorphine) but was discharged on Monday. I’m allergic to pretty much every good painkiller (Codeine, Endone, Palexia, Tramadol and Morphine) expect for Fentanyl but you can’t get a tablet form in Australia. Any suggestions on what may be causing the pain? My anaesthesiologist is at a loss as the pain should be gone by now. I’ve had a CT done to check the implant but don’t have the results yet. I hopefully get the staples removed in a couple of days, so I’m hoping they are either causing or contributing to the pain. 


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