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Live captions during video meetings

Mary Beth

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Live captions during video meetings 

Remote learning for deaf and hard-of-hearing students and adults

After reading numerous reports of using the live captioning features on Google Hangouts/Google Meet and Microsoft TEAMS, here is what I have learned so far.  Just sharing in case it helps someone.

Google Hangouts has live captions but inviting someone to a video session in Google Hangouts requires the person to have an email address ending that matches my school account (@district dot org).  If the person does not have an email address that matches my school account, the video session is automatically moved to Google Meet.  Google Meet has live captions as options for all.

Here is the catch.....someone must have Google Suite in order to schedule the Google Meet.

The live captions have ranged from excellent to terrible depending on the strength of the connections.

Microsoft TEAMS has live captions for apps downloaded on computers and phones.  It appears as ONLY those people who have a Microsoft account (school/business/personal) see the option for live captions.  Others who have been invited as GUESTS who are signed in with an email address that does not match a Microsoft account, do not seem to have the option for live captions.

The live captions have been terrific.

People are finding work arounds when not every participant has access to live captions.  Here are a few work arounds:
1). Running a speech to text app like LiveTranscribe on a second device while streaming the audio of the video meeting through their main device’s speakers.
2). One person shares their screen that has captions with the group so all can see the captions.
3). One person sets up a second device that is  running a speech to text app like LiveTranscribe right next to their face so their video feed includes both their face and captions.
4). Using three devices!  Use one to participate in the meeting as usual.  Use a second one to run a speech to text app like LiveTranscribe while allowing your main device to play audio through its speakers.  Use a third device set up to zoom in on the captions to join the meeting as a separate “participant”.


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