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Can I use My CI and my blue tooth hearing aid at the same time


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First let me so that no one is happier with their sonnet 2 CI than me. I able to use my  phone and also my macbook pro and have great hearing in my Cochlear implant ear. Of course I want more. What i want to be able to do is also use blue tooth that i have with  my other ear that has a hearing aid. 

    My question is how do i do this. 

Do i get a blue tooth splitter that I've heard about. 

Can I do it with mIdi on my Macbook pro  

has anyone solved this problem? 

Help Please,


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I am glad you are so happy with your Sonnet 2.


By far the easiest way to stream audio to your HA and Sonnet 2 would be to use a BT neckloop, like the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop. Both your HA and your Sonnet 2 would need to be on MT or T setting to access your telecoil.  While this solution allows you to stream all audio to both your HA and CI and is truly hands free for phone calls, it is not utilizing the internal receivers in your HA nor Sonnet 2.  It is BT from device to neckloop and induction (telecoil) from neckloop to HA/CI.

Using a BT splitter may introduce an echo. The audio would travel from device to HA via BT but that same audio would need to travel from device to AudioLink intermediary device to Sonnet.

If you test out ways to do this, I would be very interested in reading about your experiences.

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