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Initial activation of 2nd ear


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Hi Peers,


My 2nd ear was just activated this afternoon, 11 monhts after the first.

For some silly reason I guess I thought there wouldn't be any weirdness to it but, as my Audi reminds me, just because the right auditory nerve's been stimulated and made all kinds of progress doesn't mean the left auditory nerve was stimulated too; it's a completely separate nerve and speaks to a completely different part of the brain.

So, yes sound is weird - people sound very nasal (which I hate), high pitched, tinny, hollow, etc  - but nowhere near as weird as the first one was at first; not even close.

I understand speech if I'm also lip-reading but can only pick out a few words here and there on the car radio.  I have just one program and can increase volume if I want.   My follow-up appointment is on Friday.

I was amazed when I briefly had both CI's on, and I know it's going to be fabulous to be bilateral once my left ear's up to speed, but I VOW to keep use of my older CI to a very strict minimum for as long as possible so I can force my left auditory nerve/brain to start normalizing this new input and be the best it can be on its own.

My audi said the new Medel implant/processor is not yet FDA approved and is only being released in Europe at this time and it could easily be a year or more before it's approved.  Since I go to a 2-processor clinic, I received 3 processors (with the additional free Rondo), so I am going to hold one Opus2 in unopened box on the off-chance I can trade it in for the Sonnet once that's available in USA.

So, it's very annoying to be back to nasal/tinny/unsatisfying hearing but I know it will improve hugely over the upcoming weeks and I am so happy I have gone bilateral.



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Lisa, congratulations. I'm happy for you. Everything will come together eventually. I still have lots of high pitched, tinny, nasal sounds. I think it's because my audiologist has only increased the high pitches at this time. I have a low tolerance to both high pitches and high volume so she is doing it slowly. It's annoying but I hope once the lower pitches are increased, it will improve. You go girl!

I'm not sure about wearing the Rondo in water. I'm to afraid it will fall off and I don't like wearing bathing caps which would cover up the processor. Think I'll wait until I hear more about it.

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