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Different Sounds Journey


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After hearing different sounds all day my brain is making loud buzzing noise and I was tired. I guess I over work it. But tonight I just had to go outside to hear what night creatures sound like. It was difficult because of the buzzing sounds but I was able to pick up maybe 3-4 sounds. One is the dog barking from the neighbors. One sounds like a bird I don't think it the night owl... or it could be... this other sound I can't figure out yet. It sounds like a pen tapping on the table like a woodpecker or a jackhammer and it goes on for a while ...could it be a woodpecker or a cricket or grasshopper....or frogs....? I am going to get a good sleep so hopefully the buzzing will stop so I can hear more sounds in the morning. God created many amazing creatures.


Good morning all! What a BEAUTIFUL MORNING that God has made! AMEN! My wife had to wake me up because I was still so very tired and I'm glad she woke me up, I didn't want to miss many beautiful sounds this morning! She was willing to put together my processors from my dry box and put it on my head. I love my wife! She has been very helpful helping me identifying different sounds and we've been out for almost 2 hours. One of the sounds that I heard last night was a Red Cardinal and I heard it many times this morning. They love to sing don't they? I may also have heard Blue Jay too. There's 2-3 different bird sounds that we haven't identify yet. My wife has a app on her ipad that has all different bird sounds and I will check them out later. Another sounds that I thought was a dog barking at the neighbor last night was actually an owl. I was confused b/c I thought Owl don't bark so I listen very closely and then went over to my neighbor to listen to their dog barking for comparison. I can kinda tell the different (it will clear up in time) the owl make a softer calmer hoooo and the dog is stronger and sharper. I was hearing something strange like a dripping sound so I checked to see if it was my dog going potty and it wasn't. My wife said look up and when I did I had to listen for a while. It was a lot of dripping sound so I asked her if that's the water falling from leaf to leaf. It was very soft and very relaxing to listen. I should've gotten up earlier while it was raining I bet it was very peaceful. I heard another what it sounds like a very long very soft growl and I was looking at my other neighbor house trying to figure out what it was. As I got closer it was getting louder and sharper...it was a Rooster. I can't believe that I can hear a Rooster 2 house down from mine! Very cool and I can also hear the chickens....but they do not sound like cluck cluck cluck they sound like a very fast quick click click click. Maybe I taught the kids the wrong chicken sound.... I finally got to hear the cars/trucks going by this morning for the first time and the motorcycle too. For the past few days I was not able to hear the low and deep pitch yet just mostly higher pitch. I couldn't hear my dad or my brother's voice at first but last night I was able to hear and understand my dad a little bit. My mom took me over to her flower garden to see if I can hear the mole chaser device since it make a high pitch humming sounds and I can. It was going on/off and I thought it was my hearing making up sounds but she said each device goes in sequence with other devices. On the way back to my house with my wife there was a small puddle of water on the drive way I jump high and splash on it. I got her wet hehehehehe....she wasn't happy and I told her that I was wanting to know what it sounds like and it made a SPLISH sounds...hehehehehe... My hearing is getting more clearer each day as I practice more. I Google last night and learn that I have tinnitus. If I'm tired or been hearing lot of loud noises my head buzz so loud like a chainsaw (even when processors are not on). I had to turn off processors in the car because the buzzing was so loud. I read on the deaf community post that if music is playing it may help with the buzzing so I will give it a try. Prayer warriors, please pray that my tinnitus will soon go away. I can't wait to go back to church tomorrow and listen to the music instruments! Maybe after church I'll stay and play on the piano to see how high and low I can hear. I hope Janet don't mind...and maybe the guitar....bass....drum...I just need to make sure everybody is gone first before they get headache from crazy "noises" on the stage.

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Oh, Joe!  You are working so hard at hearing, I just know you're going to have a fabulous outcome in the end!

I just got back from a walk with my dog and figured out the sound I was hearing was wind in the leaves - so lovely.

I remember my brain getting so tired that I'd have terrible buzzing at night after i took the processors out.  With my second CI surgery I've had no buzzing or tinnitus at all but I do get a bit physically tired by the end of the day.

Which processors are you wearing: Opus 2 or Rondos?

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I am wearing both Rondos. I do not have Opus 2 with me it's still at Bill Wilkerson Vanderbilt with my audiologist. I do not want anything happen to Opus 2 that will void the exchange. I cannot wait for Sonnet! And the Waterwear for Rondos! If I understand correct it cost about $250 for one Aqua+ for the Cochlear N5 and N6, wonder how much Waterwear will be?

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I think I'm going to try to wait for Sonnet too, even though FDA approval could be another year or more!

I have my Opus 2 in the box, unopened, in my MedEl suitcase (I trust myself more than I'd trust my busy Audi).  Since I am lucky enough to be in a 2-processor clinic I do have an Opus 2 AND a Rondo to use in the meantime.

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