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Plz tell me about rondo 2

Mohammad abid

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Hey i have a daughter and she's hearing loss so plz tell me about rondo 2 or abwance boinic naida 30 which the best procusser

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@Mohammad abid

I wish the best for your daughter.

This forum is hosted by Med-El so you will find Rondo 2 users here and we even have a Rondo 2 topic full of info about Rondo 2.


You will find info on Advanced Bionics on one of their forums.


Do you have any questions about Rondo 2?  There are quite a few very happy Rondo 2 users here.

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@Mohammad abidI am bilateral having 2 Sonnet however when I had my second implant I was able to receive a Rondo 2 I really like I wear it probably 90% of the time in place of Sonnet not knowing your daughter age the Rondo seems to be lighter and then having something hanging on your ear you also have a choice of clips to keep Rondo from falling to ground one is a hair clip and the other is a collar clip. I do fast pace walking and light running with Rondo no problem.

Rondo performance is superior in many different settings.There are different covers that your daughter can order to fit her style. Rondo will will hide in daughter hair if you think she may be embarrassed no one will see it again not knowing her age.
Good Louck


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