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Just want to say hello.............

My daughter (almost one year old) was born with severe hearing loss on one side, and mild to moderate on the other. She was just implanted on June 30th, and activated on July 20th and she is doing really well 🙂 It was extremely difficult year for our family to cope with hearing loss news, but hopefully we are on the right track. I  look forward to join HearPeers :)

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Hi @Ela and welcome to HearPeers!  I wish your daughter the very best.

Which processor is she using?

Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences here.  We are a friendly group.

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Hello, I am in a Psycology of Deafness in children class at my college. This is all new to me, so I was wondering if you all could answer a few of my questions. As a parent, my children do not suffer from hearing loss, but being faced with a possible situation of having a deaf child, i could not imagine the struggle of trying to make the right decisions for my child at such a young age. Could you please give me some insight of the struggle/non-struggle it was for your family? Also, was it hard to make the decision due to cost?

Thank you so much!

Tiffany M.

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