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Decision on a implant


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Hi everyone,


My name is Lilly I am new and a candidate for a CI and I am still seriously having doubts as to which implant is the best for me. I was born with deafness due to prematurity at birth, wore HA's all my adult life only. But last 8 yrs my hearing as been on and off, they have found no cause for the hearing loss. Been tested or a lot of things, lupus, lyme. etc... still working on that. Nevertheless I still can't hear.  I am  now deaf in right ear which was my bad one to begin with. Now I am a candidate for implant. My left is a little under 58 in quite. but is going too. How long I have that who knows. So yes I am looking at Med-el but I love music, love to talk in conversations and I am a very outgoing person.


I am in between afraid I will pick the wrong one I want to go with the one that has most warranty and I love the idea of the Rondo and nothing on my ear. A lot of folks I do not know well do not know I wear hearing aids but it is the vanity of it all that is probably the hardest for me. I am a little nervous because I have heard of so many problems with dizziness and the ringing of the ears do not go away. Well I have that anyway it is a constant for me now. Drives me nuts. Not to crazy of how the surgery of it all is. I have no tolerance for pain, and most pain meds make me sick so that is a fear factor for me too.  I work Part time and I really want to keep working. Guess what I am asking what made you decide on the implant that you have and how well have you adjusted. The doc that is doing mine, usually does AB but I do not like the 3 yr warranty. He started doing Med-el a while back. The cochlear seemed a little big for my small size. Decision time for me quickly. Any advice would be appreciated.

All the technical things are confusing. My audiologist didn't really explain each one much but said they are all good.


Thanks again.


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