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Hello peers,


It has been about 4 months since our daughter's activation and now she looks like she wants to speak making sounds,  she knows her name, she reacts to different sounds sorrounding her, she has started to try to say some words.  But it has been some days she does not like anymore to go to speech therapy,  she is crying all the time there, she doesn't like to work with the speech therapist. These two days she has even started not to babble as she did before. I have checked the speech processor and it's components and everything is ok.  I don't really know what to expect 4 months after activation.  Can anyone give me some advice or information??  I would really appreciate your help.

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I am sorry that your daughter is having a bit of a rough time right now, Anita.

I don't know anything about children with CI's but if it were my daughter I'd probably ask to have a meeting with the speech therapist and work out a change of approach.  Perhaps the therapist can tell you what to do with her and the therapist observes the session - and could then give you more suggestions on things to do at home.


In a way I'd guess the main thing to do, as it is with ANY child, is for people to spend time reading to her and playing with her.  I used to carry my son around when he was a baby and ask him, "Where's the clock?"  "Where's the light?"  "Where's the red ball?" He could not talk yet but he would point to those things and I would praise him!


I hope you can talk things over with the speech therapist, who I'm sure does not want your daughter to be so upset either.  If all else fails, perhaps another therapist's approach would work better for her.

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Have you been working with her and rewarding her for her hard work? I remember when I was young that I HATED going to speech therapy because I was force to learn to say the "R" correctly or the "L" or the "S" and so on. It was so frustrated but you know what in the long run it was worth it. I had Speech Therapy for 7 years and my mother has been helping me too. Some people did not noticed I was wearing hearing aids because I could "hear" so well and speak so well. I've been wearing hearing aids since I was about 2 years old. I'm a great lip reader so it does make a big different. Recently I was activated with CI on both ears and last night my wife was teaching me to recognized different sounds in words like Van and Fan. The whole time they both sounded the same to me but I noticed the different last night. Your daughter will learn and noticed the different. It take a lot of practice and remember to praise and give reward for hard work :-)


Like Lisa said, read a book or ask your daughter to read to you or play any activities with her. Try this website:


Click on SoundScape on the right side. I hope this help :-)

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