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Cochler Implant after many years of hearing loss


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I am nearly 70 and have been severely deaf in my left ear for about 17 years, but because my right functioned well I never explored options to increase hearing. I was also living overseas for the vast majority of that time. Then suddenly this March the hearing in my right ear began fluctuating wildly. Some days I can hear well  enough when talking to just one person, other days, it's impossible.  Groups are always difficult now even on 'good' days. It has stabilised somewhat now, and I am  having a hearing aid fitted for that ear next week. However I am being considered for a CI in the left ear which is functionally useless. Has anyone on this forum had a CI after such a long period of deafness, and if so can you please share your experience. Thank you, Penny

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Welcome to HearPeers.

My right ear heard absolutely nothing following a surgery to treat Ménière’s disease.  It stayed that way for 24 years before being implanted.  It is an amazing CI ear.  Aural rehab helped me a lot.

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I’m not at that point. The day they did the evaluation was a good day and I didn’t qualify but it seems inevitable in the future given how the right ear is now acting. What do you have?

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