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Hi all, I was activated two days ago (7/11/2014). This is very exciting, and at the same time challenging! It is definitely a different sound. I can already tell that it is helping though! I am only using the Opus 2 for now. My Audi will activate my Rondo when I go back for my two week remapping. My Audi said that i can continue to use my HA in my right ear,as that is what I will be doing from now on. The only time I should turn off my HA is when I am doing the listening exercises. I am able to get around 85% of the sentences correct now, which I consider good for the limited time I have been active.When the Audi had me repeat the words she was saying,I got them all correct! My wife recorded the test and posted it on Facebook, and everyone was impressed. I have been given 4 programs ,with the first being my "everyday" program,second a louder version of the first,third being a "sharper" version, and the fourth is a louder version of that. I am trying the third program today. I hope everyone has a super day!

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Well, I had my first re-mapping yesterday and got my Rondo activated. I'm not sure the Rondo is going to be my favorite device. I get too much wind noise ( even while walking indoors), and have managed to knock it off and have it fall off. I am using the number 3 magnet already, and it is the strongest one that came in my kit. I also received the Quattro 4 neck loop,which I think will get quite a bit of use. I will have to go to my Audiologist here in town to see if the T-coil can be activated in my hearing aid, as it doesn't work with the neck loop. I actually was able to have a conversation with my wife in the car on the way to my re-mapping appointment, which was so difficult before my implant,that my wife would give up trying to talk to me while driving. Loving life with my implant! Have a great day everyone!

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I had MedEl send me the #4 magnet for the Rondo AND my new Opus 2.

The Rondo never gives me wind noise, but then again it's covered by my hair when I wear it.

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