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Hello I am considering BAHA vs Bone conduction hearing aids

David S

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I have conduction hearing loss in both ears.  I had a stapedectomy that did not help.  The surgeon said my middle ear was full of scar tissue.  I have used bone conduction headphones with good results.  I have had a couple brands of conventional hearing aids with limited improvement.  I am considering BAHA vs Bone conduction hearing aids.  

Anyone have advice / experience ?  






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I hadn't heard of bonebridge. I'll Google it now.  I talked to audiologist about SoundArc and Adhear. 

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Mary Beth,

Would you want to share your experience?  

Your profile suggests: Implant Type:Cochlear Implant, Cause of Hearing Loss:Otosclerosis.  Otosclerosis would effect the middle ear, not the inner ear so I guess the Cochlear implant would refer to the brand of BAHA, or perhaps other inner ear issues.  What factors did you consider when selecting an implant or would you consider now that new nonsurgical devices are approved?

My stapendectomy to treat otosclerosis was not fun and resulted in additional hearing loss.  The surgeon said I had scar tissue filling my middle ear, I never got a clear answer about if I also had otosclerosis.  I don't think any testing was done to determine if the bones were calcified or moved freely.  It would be the same surgeon performing the implant, I would just have to trust him that there was scarring and not a poorly placed prosthetic.  

I am thinking that the cost differential and surgical pain are less of a factor than a good long term solution.

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@David S

I have advanced otosclerosis that impacts the cochlea as well.

I had several failed stapendectomy surgeries all in my right ear.  Then developed Menieres in that ear.  Had a transcanal labrynthectomy to deal with Meniere’s which also makes the ear completely deaf.

Left ear otosclerosis but no stapendectomy surgeries.  Progressive loss.  

Qualified for a CI in both ears.  Chose to implant the right “dead” ear first.  It is an amazing CI ear.  Then implanted the left ear 8 months later.


I have Med-El CIs.  I have friends with Med-El BoneBridge who are very happy.

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That makes sense.  Sorry your stapendectomy surgeries failed.  

My bone conduction hearing is in the normal range with no cochlear issues.  From my perspective the main question is implant or nonsurgical, with slight possibility of another attempt at scar removal or just using bone conduction headphones with a microphone app on my phone (the wired verision works great but is too awkward and bluetooth has too much delay).  Brand comparison seems to technical for somebody with no subject matter expertise, I would probably rely on the audiologist recommendation.  

I am leaning towards one nonsurgical bone conduction hearing aid (Adhear or maybe TransEar possibly SoundArc).  The disadvantages are: Not covered by insurance so several thousand per ear, lower sound quality, more maintenance (replacement after about five years?), inconvenience and loss / damage potential.  The only advantage is no surgical risk / pain.


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I am trying to select the most appropriate bone conduction system for my situation but it has been difficult to get information.  It really shouldn't be difficult to get pricing for AdHear, SoundArc and / or TransEar from a few audiologists, but I have asked and can't get it.  It takes weeks to get an appointment and weeks for the Audiologist to request the order forms from MedEl or Cochlear or to find out that the local hospitals no longer allow any type of BAHA surgery (I can't figure out why).


I assume:

 1) Although one of the surgical implants may be the best long term solution, the surgeon will recommend trying a non-surgical device first (I don't disagree).

2) The Adhear is returnable under NY law with a max 10% fee just like a traditional hearing aid (if I go with an implant or other device).  I assume some trade in on or compatibility with the BoneBridge system after that time.

3) The Adhear, SoundArc and TransEar are comparable products from different manufactures, each with advantages and disadvantages.  SoundArc may cost $5k each and have more programmable features and power than I need, TransEar I like the BTE style design with no attachment, it is probably lowest cost but tinny, AdHear may cost $4k.  I am testing the Adhear patch now and it is annoying but no allergic reaction so far.

4) I assume 75% insurance on implants makes the costs similar but better hearing, less maintenance, chance of loss.

I would still like a lot more information on the options, but I don't want to wait any longer. I'll probably take whatever I can get first.

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