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Daughter activated one month ago


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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I would like to share with you my experience with my 29 months old daughter. She got the surgery on June and it's been exactly one month ago since her right implant has been activated. She is doing good so far. She had only three mapping appointments and when ever we want for her mapping she does a really good job listing to the different sounds while the implant is connected to the computer. She would point to the screen so that we know she is hearing. However, we didn't notice her turning to sounds at home or even responding to her name yet. Is it still too early to notice that?? Please I will be so happy if you could answer my question based on your experience with your children.

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Hi Raya,


Sorry nobody got back to you.  I am just an implantee, but have been very active in some of the facebook CI groups.


I hear a lot of parents with similar questions.  Her hearing is basically starting from day 1 with her implant, so at a 2 months activation - her hearing and knowing how to respond is that of a 2-month old.  She will progress, especially with parents that want to be involved.


If you get a chance, look at the following groups on facebooks:


Cochlear Implant Experiences

Med-El Cochlear Implant Discussion Group


Good luck on her journey, and look forward to hearing how she grows up with them.


- Scott Cramer

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