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Newbie SSD with CI with lots of questions


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Have had activation of CI in left ear for 3 months now since late June 2020.  Practice hearing therapy everyday.  When bluetooth streaming to left ear, I'm stil lucky if I can understand every 15th or 20th word.  It's very muffled with static and words are just not clear at all.  I'm being told my brain still has to adjust, but wondering if maybe it was not implanted correctly or maybe I need a different audiologist?  Is this normal for others of you who had had this same surgery for SSD in one ear.  My hearing is below normal in my good ear, and my audiologist believes that's part of my problem.  I am still constantly asking people to repeat themselves.  I also have strong tingling and sensitivity when I touch the top upper side area where my ear meets my head.  Doctor tells me it's from the microphone sitting on my ear all day.  I would very much appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!

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Which processor are you using?

The thing with listening practice (aural rehab) is that we are teaching our brains to interpret the CI info so we need repeated success.  It is best to work on an easier listening skill longer than it is to move up in difficulty quickly.

I will post a link to some early listening levels.

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Thank you Mary Beth, for this info.  I will get working on it.  I have the Cochlear nucleus 7 and also the Kanso, which is off of the ear.  I been mainly using the nucleus since that is the only one that can bluetooth directly to the implant for practice.

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