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Daughter considering an implant......


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My daughter who is 21 years old has now decided she wants to get an implant. We have been doing some research on different companies and I'm looking for any feedback on how people like their implant.

My daughter has been aided since she was 7 months old and has a severe to profound hearing loss bilaterally. She has gotten some good benefit from her aids but she now feels she wants an implant.

Any suggestions, feedback you want to share is welcomed. Thank you!

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Hi Beth,


What implant is she looking to get?


I have had the bonebridge for approx 2 month now xx

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Hi Beth Anne, welcome to the wonderful world of trying to make a decision about cochlear implants.  They are wonderful devices and can be frustrating at the same time.  I tried for over 3 years to qualify for a CI before I was approved.  You and your daughter need to go talk to a clinic which specializes in CIs. There are specific guidelines for hearing loss which must be met beforehand. here's a link to help you: www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/


MedEl gave me back the gift of hearing! I chose MedEl because of its commitment to quality, R&D, technology and ease of use. I have been bilateral for over 4 years and my comprehension is better than I had hoped. I can also listen to music again.


Start a list of questions, from wearing options to colors! MedEl is still the only CI company that has not been subject to a FDA recall.  Best wishes and we all look forward to reading your next posts.

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I agree with John.  MED-EL has a WINNING RECORD when it comes to cochlear implants.

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Research them all. There are slight - but perhaps meaningful for you - differences between brands, The attached file might help..https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84378947/CochlearImplantShoppingGuide.pdf. One thing I also did was contact the patient support for each company and see how committed and responsive they were to questions and concerns. Do not rely just on the marketing materials. They all provide research that makes their brand sound the best, In fact, many of their "scientific studies" have as few as 10 or 12 participants. It's outragious! Also ask what brand(s) your surgean and audiologist feel most comforatable with as well. In the end I chose Med-El primarily because you can have an MRI up to 1.5T without having to surgically remove the implanted magnet. Not true with the others. That quality was important to me. YMMV...


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