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Rondo 2 Parts Catalog?


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HI All,

I have Sonnets and a Rondo 2. The Sonnets came with 3 ring binders that included parts lists and prices. The Rondo 2 did not come with any of that.

The Rondo 2 sound got so choppy that I could not hear with it, so I figured I would replace the cover in case that was the cause. While doing so, I noticed a small blue rubber o-ring crushed against what I believe is the microphone. The cover-changing video shows that this is supposed to go around the microphone boss, and the cover goes over it. That is not where it ended up on mine, and the ring is crushed and deformed.

The medel store does not show this part. Due to Covid, I have not been able to see my audiologist this year (it's been over a year now).

Does anyone know how I can get a parts catalog with part numbers and prices for the Rondo 2? Or otherwise replace this ring? Perhaps get a few replacements? Preferably without calling and being switched around and put on hold? It's hard for me to use the phone.


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In the US you can do this directly with Med-El via email.  Just reach out to your customer service rep.  If you are not sure who that is, email the general customer service account.

Maybe it’s under warranty?

customer service.us@medel.com


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Thank you Mary Beth. You're the best.

I'm sure it's under warranty. It's less than a year and a half old. That tiny o-ring couldn't cost more than a couple of dollars in any case. In industry, they would cost about two dollars per hundred.

Thanks again. I'll contact customer service by email.

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