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Considering Medel for bilateral


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Hello All!


I am new to this forum. I have an AB implanted 7 years ago at the age of 32 and am considering bilateral.  Although my AB is doing great and I can hear pretty good with it but would like to try something new. Particularly interesting is the Medel's long electrode array to completely fill the cochlea and combine with its FineHearing technology, can someone share feedback on your experience with this technology, as in speech understanding and music appreciation.  My AB, I am hearing with its 120 resolution, but I feel it is still not adequate in pitches to completely distinguish some speech sounds, letters or words. Medel indicates they have 250 vs 120 in AB's.  Furthermore, I live in Houston, TX, USA, is there anyone Medel here my town can recommend a surgeon. Thanks in advance.



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Thong, welcome to HearPeers and there are clinics in Houston. you can search here: http://www.medel.com/us/clinic-finder/.  I wear bilateral MedEl Cis and can tell tell you that my experience for both speech and music understanding and speech is very good.  The Complete Cochlear Coverage approach and atraumatic insertion with a highly flexible electrode and various electrode lengths allow you to have a great hearing experience.


My MedEL CIs gave me back the gift of hearing!

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