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Recently Implanted Rondos a good choice?


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Our son was recently implanted (bilaterally) and he has taken very well so far to the OPUS 2. With that said he is only tolerating them I think because he had hearing aids for a short time (two weeks) prior to being implanted. Our guy is almost 3 and is very active and we find that the Opus 2 is hard to keep on him. So far we are using the clear bands with the lightweight battery pack to help keep the processors on his ears. Tomorrow we program his Rondos to see if he can keep those on any better, he also wears glassed so we have much to deal with in head gear! Wondering if any other parents of children have tried the Rondos and what your experience has been. Thanks!

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Hi Nick,

my 2.5 years old daughter have received her bilateral Rondos just 4 weeks ago. I can tell you I'm very satisfied with her accepting Rondo and wearing it pretty much all the time even though I wouldn't say it's kids friendly processor. She's a quite playful and curious little lady, very active, so after first week of fighting to have it on, we've got to the second week where she realized the benefit and what's to put it on when dropped. So I could just summarize my findings into:


1. It's great not having BTE's weight on the ears since the kids are growing and the ears could become floppy...

2. Rondo is bulkier than I thought it would be but again no cables, no 2 separate unit - SOOO GREAT !...

3. Batteries sometimes last even full 6 days !



1. It's falling off so many times during the day, and that with magnet no. 2. I didn't want to try magnet strength #3 or #4 for obvious reason - after full day of wearing the Rondo my daughter's skin would become pink colour even with no.2. In the beginning I would put them back but now she's doing it herself

2. This being said, it doesn't beep or something like it when it's off, just blinking red lights, so when you don't hear "a bang" of dropping it, you don't know it's off.

3. It also does not beep (or sound itself) when it's not in right place on the head in the case your child wears some head band.

We have been offered Medel head band to try to keep the processors in the place but I don't really know when it's connected or not for sure since no sound signal.

4. For bilateral users it's programed separately and you have to mark which one is right or left side, you can not just switch them any way you like.


I take my daughter to a Home Day Care with 4 other kids once a week. She loves playing with friends and they know each other well so far.

Today it was her second time with Rondo on, our great Daycare lady keeps watching if it's in the right place and if it's on.

However, today when I've came to pick her up, I was told BAD NEWS - they lost a left unit. So I feel so lost now. I don't know what to do until next week when we go for our weekly AVT session and will see our audiologist as well. I don't know if anybody had problem with losing and replacing the units, how does it work. We live in Ottawa and hopefully we'll resolve this "new problem" ASAP.


I hope this will give you some idea how the Rondo is for younger children.


All the best. Kind regards,



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