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Deciding about CI for 8 year old Daughter


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Hi everyone,


I am in the process of deciding on a CI for my 8 year old daughter.


My daughter is doing very well- she does well at school, has lots of friends and she does very well at sports.  I tell you this because if she were struggling socially or with school I think the decision to go forward with a CI would be a lot easier.


Right now she is being assessed for and we are considering a CI in one ear only.


I want to give my daughter every opportunity that I can - however, I am worried that a CI is not the best option for her.


Does anyone have a similar experience - where did you go for information as you were making your decision?


I am leaning heavily towards the Med-El implant (mostly due to keeping the residual hearing that she does have in that ear plus the information I have read about the unit itself is very compelling) - how did you decide which implant to use?


I appreciate any information that you can share.


Thank you,

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