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Advices before 6 month mapping appointment


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The last 2 mapping has been a bit of a struggle because my audiologist increased my high pitches higher. I am not use to it (which is normal for most deaf/HoH that got CI). Having conversation with women/little girl that have high pitch is a bit of a struggle. My audiologist increased my low quite a bit, my high a little bit, and my overall volume up to about maybe 10% base on my audiogram (she want it in the 30-40 range)....IT'S LOUD...but the test result shows that I improved. Before my last mapping It was 10% words both ears (39% phonemes), 2% words Right ear (34% phonemes), and 8% words Left ear (38% phonemes). After the change in mapping and increased the volume my result is: 22% words Both ears (54% phonemes), 18% Right ear (42% phonemes), and 26% Left ear (52% phonemes). I have a 6 months mapping appointment on Thursday December the 18th. I do not have Opus2 (still waiting on SONNET) so I'm wearing RONDO both ears. Every morning, after 6 months, RONDO still don't stay on well unless I wear headband for maybe 30 minutes so it can stay on better. What's your advice of what I need to tell my audiologist about the high pitch part? Fine tuning program? I requested the Noise reduction program but my audiologist doesn't want to give me that until I get use to/tune out high pitch and try to pick up many different sounds and distance. Thanks!

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