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Houston, TX Surgeons


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Hello to anyone reading this!


My fiance and I live in the Houston area and are having a difficult time finding surgeons for his second implant.  His first was done in Austin, TX, and ideally, we would want to go back to that doctor.  However, his insurance has no coverage for out of network doctors, so we are trying to find doctors with experience here now.


I have looked at the "Find a Clinic" map to see what those options are and have called just about all of them (short of the children's hospitals).  One of the clinics I called informed me they were also a children-only clinic, so I left a message with their audiologist asking if they could refer me to anyone for adults.  It has been hard to get responses due to the limited office hours and people being away for the holidays, so if there is anyone who has had a med-el implant done in Houston, please contact me!


Thank you

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