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1 Year after activation, suggestions?


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Happy new year to my audio processor!


This machine has allowed me to go from nothing in my deaf ear, to doing very well in concatenated sentences (broken into pieces where you match all of the words spoken out of a number of choices in the correct order) The goal for the next year is to make serious improvement in open set word recognition. This is where you hear words and sentences and are able to know what is being said without any visual help. When I test this particular issue on my sound and way beyond program, I am able to type out some of the letters said in a word, but not everything matches. Since some people have gotten much farther than me, I would like to know how you made it beyond this particular snag.


If you have any suggestions in getting farther with my cochlear implant please let me know! Your help is greatly appreciated!


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Has anyone made the switch from concatenated sentences in practice to open set word recognition? If so, how did you do it? Did you use a specific practice module? What was it?

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The 3 p's

Patience practice and persistence

My biggest issue was that I would never hear music again as it was the last to come back for me. It was very hard not to coarse my progress to others and that got me even more frustrated.

I hope things are much better now. Just try to be patient. You should see some progress eventually. It will be well worth the work and wait.


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