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CI surgery in London, Canada scheduled Mar 23/21


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Hi, my profile name is coaster; and as per title I am scheduled for a Mel-El implant on my left ear, on Mar 23/21; with activation to take place late April.  


I have worn hearing aids since late 80s ( now BTEs) and while my left has residual hearing, I am struggling with conversation when using that ear alone for so have been accepted as a candidate. 

Obviously I have concerns about post surgery recovery management ( meeting pre-op soon); and more so with bilateral support between my sonnet 2 ( decided that over Rondo , as I believe I have more flexibility with batteries, activities like golf, similarity to my current BTEs) and my Phonak Q70 for bluetooth connection on my mobile device which I use a lot now for call communications and music, etc. I am really concerned but it appears the Rogers21 with individual processor connectors will provide that. 


So ...any advice would be appreciated. I will receive the Audiolink and AudioStream devices at activation; but my understanding their usage is limited to my CI; which leaves me with single for mobile usage until I get something like Rogers 21. 


Plus it would be nice to have something like my Phonak ICOM as a single tool for both ears. Sounds like I need a fanny pack to store stuff now I will have a CI. Ideas?

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Updated that surgery had intubation failure, and that I have decided to get the vaccine and enjoy summer; and will be contacting surgeon team in Aug for a mid fall surgery. .
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Wishing you the best @Coaster!  Which CI center are you using?  I go to New York Eye & Ear in NYC.

As long as your HA has an active telecoil, you can stream to both your HA and Sonnet 2 with the Artone BT neckloop.  I have been using it for over 4 years.  True hands free phone calls and tiny, light neckloop.


check this out



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Thank you Beth. I have looked at your review. I may have to manually set the pgm on the Q70 to tcoil, but I think it auto goes into the pgm when a tcoil is received. Ineed to check that out. That would be cheaper than a Rogers 21 and less components....be similar to my ICom ( neckloop) but without the pgm advancements. No problem with the neckloop....been wearing the ICOM  for 10+ years and never have to find it.  Excellent news.

Sorry, I thought I noted where the implant is to occur. 

- I am in Ontario, Canada ....surgery at London University Science Centre Hospital, in London Ontario. They and Sunnybrook Hospital  in Toronto have excellent long term implant teams. 

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