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BoneBridge VS Sophono Alpha2


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Hello everyone ,


I don't hear in my left ear ( Single Side Deafness ) and my doctor recommends bone conduction implant . He does not recomend any device but he does say that I'm a good candidate for all the implants .


I select the BAHA out due to skin infections so I'm left with 3 possible devices .

1. Cochlear BAHA attract .

2. Sophono Alpha2 .

3. Med El BoneBridge .


The Alpha2 and the BoneBridge seem to be equal in most parameters except for battery consumption and better than the BAHA attract in frequency spectrum .


<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

device processor channels frequency bands low frequency high frequency battery consumption סוללה capacity weight
dimentions features
BONEBRIDGE AMADE 8 AGC 16 250 8000 6 days Zink-air #675 650 mAh 8g 29 x 29 x 9 mm 3 prog
directional Mic
Wind reduction
BONEBRIDGE SAMBA 16 compression 16 250 8000 Zink-air #675 650 mAh 9g 30 x 35 x 10 mm 5 prog
SOPHONO Alpha 2 8 WDRC 16 125 8000 300 - 320 hours
12.5 - 13.3 days
Zink-air #13 310 mAh 4 prog
directional Mic
BAHA 4 attract Baha 4 17 sound analysis 250 5000 200 hours calculated
Zink-air #13 310 mAh 11.6 30 x 21 x 12


Has someone made a choice between the two and can share the discussion .


Thanks ,


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Hello Ronen,


welcome to the Forum - I am an ENT but also the user of the Bonebridge because of bilateral conductive hearing loss.


Let's get straight to the matter: you are offered bone conduction implant (all abutment free). At first, they were all intendened for conductive hearing loss or moderate sensoneural hearing loss but clinical indications have widened so now it is recommended for single-side-deafness (SSD). Within this matter, a broad discussion is conducted in scientific community because the implant use the functional but not your deaf ear which is not lost forever. New perspectives offer a cochlear implantation (CI) for a deaf side - on this way you could regain bilateral and directional hearing (the ability to determine the direction of sound. With a bone conduction implant you just pick up sounds from your deaf side but your health side has to process. This means that everything is still dependent of just one side. Practically, directionality can be little bit improved but I would call it artificially.

Here on the Forum we have few people who decided for CI in the case of SSD, for instance Winden Royalty and few others - if you have time read few topic with this matter.

Of course, this is little bit more comprehensive process because it includes hearing rehabilitation but literature describe success - perhaps personal opinion of SSD CI user would be helpful?


Back to the bone conduction implants: regarding the difference of the way of the sound transmission look this link:


Also, the incision for BAHA Attract is circular and little bit longer so few professionals in Belgium told that some users of BAHA return to the abutment BAHA because they consider scar to big, from my perspective - I think this is not such big matter but if you are male and have short-cut...



With Sophono 2 I do not have experience, but if you have access to the library with scientific journals try search articles from Prof. Siegert form the Prosper Hospital from Recklinghausen he wrote at least 1 article and has some experience.


From the perspective of Med-El, Amade is obsolete almost now - Samba is eagerly waited...:)

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