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Lynn K

Lynn K

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I have one HA and now a CI activated 2 wks ago.  Does anyone have suggestions about the best way to use audiobooks for listening practice? In particular I am completely confused by the equipment set up and how to accomplish this kind of thing to be heard directly into CI.  I have sonnet 2 and rondo3.  Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Lynn K

Congratulations on your CI!


I am happy to help you figure out the best way to listen to audiobooks with your processor for rehab.

A couple of questions first.

Which processor are you choosing to use the most?  Sonnet 2 or Rondo 3

Does your hearing aid have an active telecoil?  Can you switch it to MT or T setting?

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Hi Mary Beth.

I was just reading a historical post of yours regarding a bluetooth neck loop.  Your posts are terrific.  

To answer , I have tried to follow exactly as directed by my team.  Since my surgery was only 23 days ago and activation was at the 2 wk mark, i still have lots of tenderness and swelling ( read pain). I switch between both devices depending what is most tender.  

I have no idea about my HA. .  I've never learned about telecoil or what that is despite hearing that word.  

HA is relatively updated I suppose because is 2.5 yes old ,,phonak

Sorry I cant better answer. 


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@Lynn K

You are at an exciting start of your CI journey!  So much changes so fast at the beginning.

Which CI center do you go to?  I go to New York Eye and Ear in NYC.  It’s 5 hours away from our home.

I am glad you have found my posts helpful.

Can you tell me which connectivity options came in your CI kit?

Here are some possibilities.....

AudioStream for Sonnet 2:  it looks like a battery cover that is squared off at the bottom.

AudioLink for both Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3:  it comes in a big box with a docking station and cables.  It is white and looks like a remote but it is not a remote.  It’s a streaming device.

Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop for Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3 (This also works with hearing aids that have their telecoil turned on.  Maybe contact your hearing aid audiologist and ask if you have telecoil turned on and how to switch to MT and T settings.)




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