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Studies show link between hearingloss,mentalissues


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Yet another great reason for NOT putting off a CI or Bone Conduction procedure. This is very serious stuff and not to be taken lightly!..http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/sc-health-0121-hearing-loss-dementia-20150115-story.html

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Although the information is very disconcerting in the article, I will be much more impressed when the medical community puts more efforts into things such as hearing therapy and other things to help with hearing loss than the traditional "hearing aids". With better results found in regards to be able to process information better with other medical devices, following up any kind or hearing device with rehabilitation to keep the ears working to the best ability and in doing so increasing neural plasticity (the ability of nerves to bend and change according to what is needed) some of the problems linked with cognitive decline in the article can be better addressed. At least more will be accomplished with this than the band-aid approach of giving everyone "hearing aids" and then not helping beyond giving them batteries and hearing test to give them stronger "hearing aids". It is such a shame that this article and many others in the medical community only talk about doing the bare minimum and believing it to be the solution to everything!

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