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BoneBridge/SoundBridge options in the UK


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Hi, I'm new here.  I have bilateral moderate to severe conductive hearing loss and mild sensory hearing loss.  I've just about had enough of wearing a conventional aid in my better hearing ear (worse ear is a lost cause as far as conventional hearing aids go),  as this ear is still prone to infections (the root cause of my problems, along with many attempts at reconstructive surgery).  I'm currently being assessed by the NHS for candidacy for the BAHA, however have been told by my ENT consultant that as the BoneBridge is not offered in my region (Glasgow), that I wouldn't be considered for the BoneBridge (offered in Edinburgh) unless there were "exceptional circumstances" - so what is offered to me is the conventional screw in the head option, which I'm very keen to avoid because of my history of infections to just about anything, apart from the idea of having an open wound in my head.  Besides which, who wouldn't want the more technologically advanced option available to them?


I am feeling that I'm going to have to try and fight for this, which seems a bit unfair as it's just based on my location!  Anyway, I just wondered if anyone here who obtained their BoneBridge or SoundBridge in the UK on the NHS, what was your experience in getting considered, the sort of timescales involved and the aftercare offered?  Did you have special circumstances or was it just available to you?


Any information would be appreciated!  Thanks



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