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Bluetooth- Rondo3

Dominique Cornick

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Hello all, 

New here!  I just got my Rondo 3 on Wednesday.  I am struggling to remember how to stream from my iPhone to my rondo3.  I go to my Bluetooth and connect and it says “connected” but the if I go to stream something to the processor it just comes out thru my phone and not the Rondo3.  Where am I going wrong? 

Thank you for any help!! 

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Hello Dominique

Rondo is not capable to be used for direct streaming. There is no built in BlueTooth audio in this processor.

You can connect your iPhone or Android to Rondo 3 or Sonnet 2. But you can use BlueTooth only for switching programs and volume using Med-EL's app "AudioKey 2".

For streaming audio you need additional hardware: AudioLink

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5 hours ago, Mary Beth said:

Or the Artone BT neckloop

Yeah in this case you need a T-Loop extension attached to the Rondo 3 as there is no longer such a thing built in. 🙂

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Yes the telecoil adapter plugged into the Rondo 3 port

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